Private and Semi/Private Events

We can accommodate most events and special requests during our normal business hours. We also offer private functions on days/times we are not open to the public. For availability or more information, please fill out the form below and our management team will contact you.

*We do not charge a room fee but require a minimum spend on beverages plus 20% gratuity guaranty.*

– The minimum spend can be accomplished with either a single Host Tab, the
accumulation of individual tabs or a combination of the two.

– Hosting Party is responsible to make up the difference between the
minimum spend and collected tabs and 20% Gratuity on total beverage/food

*Food Service is additional and required for private parties. Food service does not apply to the required minimum spend on Beverages and is also subject to 20% gratuity.*

– We can provide items from our standard menu or our Chef can provide a
wide range of food options to personalize your event.

*Brewhouse Tours, Food and Beer Pairings and Guided Beer Tastings are
available upon request.*

*Under 21 allowed as guests of an otherwise adult gathering but only
21-year old’s, with proper ID, are allowed to consume alcoholic beverages.*

*No pets. No outside Alcohol allowed.*

To proceed please provide the following information: